Monday, July 6, 2009

Cycle Life Style


I went to the local discount department store for the first time in about a half year. The small bicycle shop there had a renewal.
The new name of the shop is "Cycle Life Style"

DSC07097 DSC07094

DSC07098 DSC07089

DSC07091 DSC07087

I want to write about abandoned bicycles in the next entry, but writing long articles in English is difficult for me.
Will I be able to do it? :-o

Scenery with the bicycle


  1. These are great pictures, the last one especially!

  2. Thank you! I will continue taking more photographs of the scenery with the bicycle.

  3. i'm curious where this shop is because i'm visiting next month. i'd love to stop in and bring a bike home if possible. :)

  4. This shop is part of a discount department store called "Olympic" and they have like 20-30 locations around the Tokyo area.
    this particular one here is a bit out of the way from central Tokyo. If you know where you'll be around Tokyo, we can find a shop that'll be easy for you to get to.