Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer riding

Well we've been on a number of rides since the last entry, but we haven't taken so many pictures on them to do a proper entry about any one ride. Instead, I will just post what pictures we have taken recently and comment on them.


Here is Kao at the Shichirigahama beach.
This was the destination of our ride one day when we did take pictures.

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We went from Fujisawa towards Kamakura and turned South where the Shonan monorail crosses. The map direction begins there. Then the road will go up to Kamakura-yama (Kamakura-hill) which is quite a steep hill to climb. It was the first time we were there so I was too preoccupied with finding the way to take pictures. After the climb, it was all downhill to the Shichirigahama area.


Here I'm riding through the nice path (with no cars) that leads to the ocean front.


You can see the ocean where the road starts to go downhill.


I've crossed the Enoden train tracks and is just a street away from the ocean front.

Kao was taking all the pictures until now, but then I took the picture of her which is at the top.

Shichirigahama isn't all that far from where we live and we just wanted a short casual ride, but the Kamakura-yama was more hilly than we expected.

Kao with her bike

Another day, we went to the Tsujido beach to take pictures of ourselves. Here's Kao on her bike.

It's been long overdue, but we'd been meaning to make a "We've moved" card for sometime and so we needed material for that.

Mumbreeze on the beach

If you look at this picture closely you might find it a bit strange. That's because it's actually made up of two separate shots. I photoshoped it to make it look like we are standing next to each other.

Tsujido beach

Here's me on my bike. Kao likes taking pictures of me, but I don't think I'm as photogenic as her.

Tsujido beach

Tsujido beach

And a couple of more shots by Kao of surfers riding bikes along the beach. This is a quite typical scenery along this beach. I would say that more than half of the people riding bikes in the area are usually carrying surfboards.

I spent my junior high and high school years in Southern California where surfing was very popular and I tried it as well, but I really was no good at it so I have no desire to try it again, but I think it's quite a romantic sport and I like being around it while riding along the beach.

Japan has had one of the hottest Summers in recent history, but it's finally beginning to cool down a bit. It's quite an adventure to ride the bike under the blazing sun, but it should become a bit easier now. We should be able to go on longer rides without having to worry about heat stroke or sunburn.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I have been trying to research connections to the 湘南海岸・砂浜の道 online, and found your blog in the process. I've enjoyed reading many of your entries!