Wednesday, September 30, 2009

50's Sapporo cycle chic


My mother and I went to Sapporo last week. Sapporo is our birth place. Mother attended at the class reunion of her junior high school and high school. She showed me the photo albums and a classbook of those days.

These are the photographs when mother and friends made a cycling trip to the Odori-park (main street park) in Sapporo. Mother remembers the event very clearly. She borrowed a sweater from her mother(My grandmother) and wore it. She said "I borrowed my mother's green striped sweater because I wanted to look fashionable, but I didn't have anything of my own to wear."

A cute pose!

They eat lunch box and rice balls?


Sapporo Autumn Fest is being held now in the Odori-park. I ate ramen there!

I was not able to ride a bicycle on this trip because there was no time. but I know that it is splendid to ride a bicycle in Sapporo and Hokkaido. I will ride a bicycle with my husband by all means next time I'm in Sapporo.

2009 Sappro


  1. Those pictures are amazing. So cool to have those photos of your mother, and the bikes - swoon!

  2. thank you! My mother and women of her generation weren't rich, but they enjoyed fashion in their own special ways. I think they rode the family, not their personal bicycle, but each family owned one.